Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's elemental, my dear Watson

Is it really possible I have posted only once in the past month? Many apologies. The floor is 99 percent done, and the few remaining trim pieces are on order. Photos and foibles forthcoming, if you can believe me ...

Meanwhile, for your amusement, a nice Flash presentation of a Tom Lehrer classic, The Elements Song.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mary's job

Mary started a new job last week. She is working in document control (her old stomping grounds) at a startup company in the biotech field. They apparently specialize in non-invasive delivery of medications. Anyway, here is an article Mary forwarded me about the results of recent clinical trials:

"MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Reports Positive Phase 2 Results for its Inhaled Migraine Drug Candidate"

Here is other news from their company:

And here is their company web site:

Mary is jazzed to be working in biotech. And while she hasn't specifically said so, I think she's pleased to be working in a company that's currently testing migraine meds.