Saturday, July 27, 2013

First World Problems

Anyone know what it takes to get Comcast actually installed? First appointment, postponed one week. Second appointment, showed up with the wrong equipment. Third appointment, never showed up, never called, never tried to re-schedule. But "records" say the equipment was installed. If they start billing our credit card, they'll be hearing from our lawyer.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Art 33A: Two Dimensional Design

This is an exercise in focal point and eye movement featuring my lovely wife, Mary.

This is an exercise in asymmetrical balance. It is black Artagain paper cut and glued onto 18x24 drawing paper. 

This is an exercise in symmetry. It is black Artagain paper cut and glued onto 18x24 drawing paper.

This is an exercise in transition between two figures. The figures are the harp and bull found on Irish coins. It is black Artagain paper cut and glued onto Bristol paper.

This is an exercise in Motif. The two motifs are the celtic knot on the top and the diamond pattern around the perimeter.

Another view of the Motif project. I painted this on an old plastic clock. The colors in the other photo are truer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Travels with Mary

This is a book I made for my 2-D Design class, Art 33A at Mission College.

This is the front cover of the book. This is a book that contains many of the art projects I've based on photographs of Mary.

Mary on the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a Photoshop rendering of a photograph. Mary is mounted on a wobbly spring so you can make her shimmy by tweaking her.

Mary in Paraguay. This painting was done from a photograph in Advanced Photoshop class using the mixer brush tool. Julio (the bird) is mounted on a wobbly spring so you can make him bounce by tweaking him.

Mary in Yellowstone. This is a block drawing done in Illustrator and printed in black and white on Bristol paper. It was then colored with watercolors and shimmer. The clouds were done with a resist. I drew the text by hand with a Micron pen.

Mary in Disney World. This is a line drawing done in black and white in Adobe Illustrator. I printed it and painted it using acrylics.

The back cover of the book has my logo.

Art 31: Beginning Drawing

Erden Eric, a man who rowed around the world. Copied from an "Outside" magazine article using a grid. Charcoals on art paper. 18x24.

Leonardo da Vinci's Coix, or Job's Tears. Copied using a grid. Pencils on drawing paper. 18x24.

Exercise in two-dimensional perspective. Based on a magazine photo, but not copied. Pencil with charcoal background. 18x24.

Self portrait. Pastels on art paper. 18x24. This is one of the first project we did in this class.

Hand tools inspired by Jim Dine. Black micron pen and watercolors. 18x24.